Member Benefits

Being a Member of ASLOR provides many benefits. The following benefits are received by all of its members:
  • Regular ASLOR events for members to share Reiki and socialize with like-hearted people
  • Information on Reiki classes and events in your local area
  • Up to date course information
  • Discount insurance
  • Access to inexpensive first aid courses

As well as the benefits listed above, which are enjoyed by all members of ASLOR, there are benefits that are specific to different types of members.
Benefits of being an Associate Member:

  • You receive a membership card that entitles you to discounts;
  • If you choose to practice publicly, you will be listed on the ASLOR website;

Benefits of being a Practitioner Member or Master Teacher Member:

  • You receive a membership card, entitling you to discounts, and a certificate of accreditation;
  • You are listed on the ASLOR website;
  • You are permitted to use the ASLOR name and logo in promotional material;
  • You are eligible for nomination on the ASLOR committee.

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