What is Reiki?

The word ‘Reiki’ (pronounced like ray-key) can refer to two things. One thing it can refer to is the energy that a practitioner uses. In this sense, everyone has Reiki.


And it was Dr Mikao Usui who coined the word ‘Reiki’ to describe the nature of the energy that this technique produces. He combined two Japanese words: Rei, meaning “universal”, and Ki, meaning “life-force energy”. Reiki's life-force energy is said to be “universal” because it is the essential underlying energy common to all living things, creating everything from the densest levels of matter to the highest levels of consciousness. And because it is the energy required for all the various functions and activities of the body and being, Reiki can assists with all forms of illness, disease and disorder, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.


The other thing that the word ‘Reiki’ can refer to is the technique by which universal life-force energy is channelled.


There are many different types of technique used to channel universal life-force energy. The technique that the Original 7 Level System of Reiki uses is based on a system of symbols. We will not go into these symbols in detail, however we will say that each of the seven symbols that we use in the Original 7 Level System of Reiki is one of the basic patterns of life energy. To give you an idea of what the basic patterns of energy are, we will mention that one of the symbols involves the spiral.


To raise a person’s vibration so that they channel extra life-force energy, the Reiki symbols are imprinted within the human being, by means of something called an “attunement”, into the main energy system of the human being, known as the chakra system. (Put simply, chakras are energy transmitters, which flow in a vortex pattern, that interact with energy around you to create your reality.) The Reiki symbols are either stroked out with the hand or visualized into the main chakras of the human being. This leaves an imprintation of the symbols’ energy patterns in the person’s chakra system that resonates within them to allow them to reach a higher frequency and thus bring in more universal life-force energy.


It must be mentioned that although the symbols have a particular form, the energy that they bring through - the universal life-force energy – is of a non-form, and that is what allows the Reiki energy to be so adaptable, applicable and effective for maintaining health at all levels of being.


The reason symbols have a unique power is that they present a simplified form of the thing they refer to that can be seen embedded within the thing itself. For example, this symbol of the sun:

A circle with lines radiating out in all direction


What distinguishes the Reiki symbols as a class of symbols is that they both represent and reproduce the thing they refer to: that is, the basic patterns of life energy. Going back to our example of the spiral symbol, the Reiki spiral symbol, known as the Cho Ku Rei, both represents the visual form and reproduces the energetic flow of the spiral. In a similar way each of the Reiki symbols represents one of the seven basic, complete and discrete patterns of life energy. So, the reason the Reiki symbols resonate to empower the human being is that they represent the essential underlying energy that creates the being.


These basic patterns of energy, which the Reiki symbols represent, connect directly to the human's essential energetic being, what has been called ‘the higher self,’ which supplies energy to all levels of the human being.


The permanent attunements of the Original 7 Level System of Reiki are the method by which these symbols are permanently imprinted within the chakra system of the person. To simplify the explanation of the procedure, in all Reiki attunements symbols are either stroked out or visualized over the crown chakra and into the palm chakras of the person to allow universal life-force energy to come in from the universal field of energy above the person, enter into their crown, flow down the central column of energy (which follows the spine), into the person’s heart chakra, then down the person's arms and exit through their hands, so that the person can share the Reiki energy through the gentle act of touch.


On a physical level, the permanent attunements of the 7 Level System of Reiki are able to be permanent because they, among other things, work over certain glands in the brain – which deal with the central pulse of energy within the human being – to leave an impression that allows a greater flow of energy to be accessed permanently.


So, as a result of the attunement process, when a person is attuned or aligned to the Original 7 Level System of Reiki the energy that they activate is independent of their own life-force energy. The practitioner acts as a transmitting station for the universal energy and is free from using their own life-force energy, so that both practitioner and client receive Reiki at the same time.


Please be aware that specific details of the Reiki attunements and symbols have been left out of this discussion because such information is reserved for those who attend the classes of the Original 7 Level System of Reiki. The reason such information is not shared with the general public is because some individuals may misuse or change the information, thus altering the Reiki technique. As a result some people may equating the altered Reiki with the true Reiki and lead them to conclude that, because the altered Reiki has not been of benefit, Reiki does not work. There are instances of people who have been attuned to an altered version of Reiki who are not able to channel extra universal life-force energy and others who have felt that they are using their own energy while performing treatments. We wish to avoid contributing to such problems. We are sharing the above information with you so that you may have an authoritative introduction that can allow you to determine whether the original Reiki is for you.